Meeting with the Devils

People say humans have both angel and devil within them. We use to suppress the devil self, but we don’t kill it, cause we know that if we do that we loss our angle self too. Angles and devils are the two sides of the same coin and without each other they are nothing, there essence is incomplete without each other.

In lonely nights, when no one is around to comfort me. I had some conversation with my devils. Something they tricked me and sometimes they give same useful advice. They enlighten me with the truth and they are the one who show me the way I should carry on.

Here are those conversations I had with them.



I have a question. How do you think we humans survive this long, I mean if we check history when Elves, Warbeasts, Giants, etc exist, then how did only human survive? We don’t know how to use magic like Elves or don’t have super strength like Warbeasts or don’t even have large bodies like Giants, then how did we survive?

The answer is simple, we fight against them and survived because”WE ARE WEAK!”

Because of our weakness, we trained our eyes, ears and ability to think. Learning how to survive, that’s our trait as humans! The human can’t use magic and can’t even perceive it, but because WE ARE WEAK, we have the wisdom to run away from magic and the intelligence to see through it! We don’t have any extraordinary skills and senses. But because WE ARE WEAK, by learning and gaining experience, we gained the wisdom to achieve the unachievable, to predict the future…. rejoice! 

We humans are the most talented people! Precisely because WE ARE WEAK and born without any abilities, that’s why we can achieve anything and this is the will of a weak human.


The perfection? Let me tell u something, there is no such thing as perfect in this world. That may sound dumb, but it’s the truth. We humans admire perfection and seek to obtain it. But, what’s the point of achieving it? There is none. Nothing. Not even a single thing. I think perfection is a pseudo concept. Cause if something is perfect, then there is no room for imagination. No place left for us to gain additional knowledge or abilities.
Do u know what that mean? According to me, perfection only brings despair. It is our job to create things more wonderful than anything before anyone else, but never to obtain perfection. Cause we are the one who finds ecstasy while suffering from that antimony.

The Bird Bird

You’ve yet to remember “sadness”,
Just now began to grasp the ” pain”.
Even the feeling I held onto for you,
Are just now changing into words.

As you awaken from the dreams of an unknown world,
Spread your wings and take off.

Look, you’re so sick of looking at that cage that you’re throwing it away,
Without ever looking back again.
That throbbing beat takes your breath away,
And you kick open that window and take off.

With a sound like all civility was gone,
The rusted, old window broke.

You said if you could run, you would obtain it.
You’re tempted by that distant voice.
I understand that you are falling,
But still continue to follow the light.

You say if you could fly, you would never come back.
You searched for those white clouds.
If you break through, you know you’ll find it.
So try untill you break 

Never give up

The promise we never made,
Yet again,
Tries to snatch our future from us.

Why is it that we can’t rejoice,
Straight from the heart,

When we obtain something we’re always been after?

The overflowing tears aren’t from feebleness and remorse,
They’re fragments born from agony.

Of all the moments and destines,
I realized there’s one absolute certainty.

Even if things get tough and I’m at my limits,
I refuse to give up.
Please, don’t let go.

I can feel the warmth of your right hand,
Where it’s tightly joined with my left.

The golden lover

Can’t adjust, my body still puzzled about what should I do,
I’m wobbling, I just can’t control even if I try.
Although neither the angles nor the devils are on my side,
I’ve got no choice but to try.
These are the things I say to myself.

The odds aren’t on my side,but hiding would be gutless,
Even if I can’t see the end, I’ll have to win it over with courage.
Need to keep distance from the target as I hold myself back,
All that’s needed for victory is the pride to win.

Will we taste the wine of victory?
Or will we end up kissing their feet in defeat?
There are two outcomes in everything,
I want to control my destiny.

A dazzling golden time,
I’ll grab it with both hands.
A forced poker face and I’m ready to go,
Drag me into the world of illusion.

A pressure game has no limits, I just slip through it,
In order to jump over that halogen border line.
How many? What is the toll I need to pay?
Which is it that you’d rather not sacrifice?

The Sacrlet Sky

Do you remember the sky we saw that day?
The Scarlet sky.
When the early winter winds circled around us,
We made some promise to each other,
And we clung close together.

Your fake smile,
Holds elongated shadows,
I delude not to notice and move on.
All the time, waiting for you to give me some news,
Every empty morning and night that will never arrive,
But I can see them standing from here.

Do you remember the sky we saw that day?
The Scarlet sky.
I’m ​pretty sure you’ll remember it same day.
While holding the promise we couldn’t keep,
We take our first steps down to our own path.

First meeting…

I’ve still got a lot of years ahead of me,
To just erase these feelings?
I want to go back and finish,
The things that I’ve yet to finish.

I was supposed to be chasing after my ongoing dreams,
Yet I faltered over others while walking this thin, winding path.
It’s not that I want to return to those days,
I’m searching for the sky I lost.
Don’t make that sad face, as if you’ve fallen victim,
As if you want people to pity you.

Tears aren’t the end of your sins,
You have to bear them painfully, forever.
Who are you waiting for in the maze of emotions,
Where you can’t even see the exits?
I want to blurt it out more justly,
Just like how I darken my white notebook.
What do you want to run from?
That thing is called “reality”.

I just want to scream out,
“I’m only living to fulfill my wish”, can you hear me?
I can’t take the safe way out of everything,
I don’t even have a place to return to.
I’m always thankful for everyone’s​ kindness,
That’s​ why I want to become stronger.( I’m on the way.)
This is reminding me of the old days,
This pain is always right beside me.